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Local Students Highlighted in Career Video

January 9, 2019

Several students from Davidson County Community College participated in an online video promotion project highlighting its plumbing program.US Careers Online, in cooperation with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and American Standard, recorded the career awareness video as part of the organization’s mission to make people aware of the different occupations available at local community colleges. US Careers Online is a website designed to be a resource for students, educators and individuals to discover the career opportunities available to them.

Several students who are currently enrolled in the plumbing course at Davidson County Community College, as well as students at Wake Technical Community College, spoke about why they are interested in plumbing as a career.

“Honestly, plumbing is where the money is at,” said student Michael Soares, “It is a good career to pick up; it is not like it is something I have to go to college for three or four years of my time. Most importantly I don’t have to have financial aid, so I thought it was a good thing to do.”

Web Athay, plumbing instructor at Davidson County Community College, appeared in the video as well. He said there is a labor gap in the industry that needs to be filled and that taking the course at the college is a good career opportunity.

“Some of us at my age are aging out and there are not a lot of young kids or young adults that are getting into the industry,” Athay said. “So this opens the door for them to get hands-on, practical experience, get in the door as helpers and move up and hopefully start their own plumbing business and take over from some of us who have been doing it for years.

”Jim Babson, owner and founder of US Careers Online, said the company produces these videos so people can get a glimpse into what the profession requires and whether it would be something they were interested in before they commit to the course.

He said that the Davidson County Community College video will highlight all the different opportunities available for certified plumbers. Other videos focus on careers in automotive technology, engineering, health care, aviation maintenance, agribusiness, criminal justice and robotics maintenance.

“The college does a good job with what they teach,” Babson said. “We are trying to create career awareness across the whole scope; what are the areas that are in high demand?

”Babson said he created US Careers Online because he noticed a disconnect between what students were studying and what employers needed. He said the website is a way to give students options when deciding on a career.

“We have a national crisis when it comes to the skilled trades,” Babson said. “For so long, people went to a four-year college and either chose something they didn’t like or they came out of school with a degree they couldn’t get a job with. Skilled trades were put on the back burner and now companies are having a hard time finding employees that have these skills. It is a disservice to our students not to tell them other opportunities are available.

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