Two things are happening in the United States:

Baby Boomers are saying goodbye to their jobs in construction, manufacturing and engineering, and younger generations are looking for work outside of those industries.

So, who exactly is replacing the Boomers?

The labor force participation rate for men of prime working age (21 to 54) is lower than it was during the 2007-09 recession. The supply side of the U.S. economy is clearly coming under strain. Very few Millennials are training for tradesman careers.

What is the solution?

The answer for every career opportunity is not always a four year liberal arts degree. The future of a strong US economy belongs to the bold young tradesman, to young men and women who reach out for the new opportunities in traditional industries. In many of these careers you can advance really quickly. If you get the basic training, are motivated and have business and technical sense, you can have a wonderful career often making $60 – $90k per year, depending on the career.

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