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About US Careers Online

Across the United States high schools have dropped vocational and technical education programs over the past 30 years, eliminating a key way young people are introduced to ‘middle-blue collar careers’.

The mission of US Careers Online is to be a resource for middle and high school students and their parents, educators and individuals re-entering the workforce to discover the many career opportunities available to them. Students today want to be active, engaged and know why they should learn specific skills. By using videos rather than printed brochures, US Careers Online highlights both careers and the pathways available to enter the workforce.

By viewing our repository of videos about pathways such as culinary arts, automotive technology, engineering, business and finance, health care, petroleum exploration, aviation maintenance, agribusiness, criminal justice, electricians, robotics maintenance, just to name a few examples, viewers will become aware of occupations they may have never thought of as a career path. These are careers that they will find fulfilling and in most cases where they will earn excellent wages.